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Photo Tips & Pricing

The right photo is critical for a successful pet portrait.  Please check that my style of portrait fits your desire - a photo is a photo, a portrait is an interpretation.

Ask yourself ‘Which photo portrays the ‘essence’ of my pet?’ OR, ‘What pose resembles my pet?’

Sending a photo which doesn’t resemble your pet and pull at your heart strings will make for a failure.  Only you know your pet.  I like to get into it’s character - goofey/doleful/happy/snappy - tell me all about it.

What Makes a Good Photo?

Good detail of eyes/nose, daylight lighting outside but away from direct sunlight, good pose and close up, taken at their eye level (not from above).

What Makes a Bad Photo?

Too distant, artificial lighting(changes fur color), out of focus, poor color eg eyes/nose, taken from above.

Not everyone is a good photographer, so send many photos as long as you indicate which is your favourite.  I am happy to guide you in the process; the better the photo, the happier you will be with the finished product.

Please don’t try to edit your photos with filters - better that I do it from my end.

I can always adjust the tone of the portrait as I get close to completion and show you the work in progress for simple adjustments, within reason!  I’ve even adjusted the nose using a painters color guide from a house paint sample!

My process means I check in with you once or twice to ensure various details are ‘true’ eg fur/eye color before completion to ensure you are not ‘surprised’ in a bad way.

If you are commissioning an ‘In Memoriam’ portrait and have limited photos, I will work with what you have and research its breed characteristics but your help in describing your late pet’s character, will be critical to its success.

Good Photo

image0 (1)_edited.jpg

Bad Photo

image1 (2).jpeg

Commission Pricing 

Listed below is my current price list (2023) for pet portraits, mounted and unframed. Prices are based on pastel and colored pencils on Pastelmat (or similar quality) with no background.

Table Update - Ruth Birdt.jpg

Multiple animals can also be discussed.

Every project is different, therefore I like to discuss your requirements in order to provide a quote before accepting your 50% non-refundable deposit in order to start the portrait.

The balance plus shipping is payable on agreed completion before the portrait is shipped.  This secures my time on the calendar and protects me from those who are not committed to our agreement.

Thank you so much for your interest in my work.  It has taken many years of painting to get to this stage.  My work, both as a volunteer and a foster for many animal shelters over the past 15 years, has led to my becoming a passionate animal advocate. 

I hope to work with you soon and give you a permanent memory of your much-loved pet.

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